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Mares Evolution 5+5-SemiDry

Mares Evolution 5+5- Trilastic .Colours-Black-Red-Grey

2 piece

Mens Size 3-

Height 5'8/5'11

Chest 36/40 inches

Waist 29/34 inches

Hips 36/40 inches

Mares Evolution 5+5 Trilastic, a 5mm one-piece suit with a 5mm shortie that can be worn over it. This means a maximum of 10mm of neoprene over torso, armpits and groin, and the flexibility to use either part alone.  It has a super-rich plush lining throughout, and the shoulders have non-slip sections to cope with irritating BC shoulder straps that might otherwise slip. The arm sections are anatomically shaped, with small inserts of lighter-weight neoprene at the armpits to aid flexibility of movement.
The 5mm shortie is finished in the same style, with nicely trimmed edges to arms and legs for when you use the shortie alone.

ExDisplay BARGAIN PRICE Back Zip Needs Replacing

Price: 120

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